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Originally Posted by TechieMonkey View Post
ok i might sound dumb but here it goes

first has anyone put another OS onto the o2 like windows ce or linux or is that just way outta the picturer


is anyone working on games and do you have pictures/videos of what you have so far????
and other then videos, music, and pix what else can you do on the o2????
TechieMonkey, you may want to ask those on iAudiophile that question. Those forums are updated more often, and seem to have more users. Maybe you already did. Just a suggestion.

I have not heard of anyone attempting that unless you want to possibly brick your player. Seems quite risky for the nearly $300 or so.

I'd be interested if a Rockbox OS is scheduled for the O2. There is a SDK!

As far as the other question regarding the games for the O2, I suggest looking at the wiki for the O2. I'm not sure it is updated that often, but for those building apps it would be a great place to put this kind of info.

The site is:
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