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Originally Posted by Hirudin View Post
This doesn't help with the stupid sorting on most players, but J. River Media Center has an "Ignore articles (a, an, the)" setting in Options -> Tree and View -> Sorting. Personally, I hate it when the "The" is moved to the back of the artist's name or is removed. I also hate it when bands can't make up their minds as to whether there is a "The" in their name. "The Offspring" comes to mind.
Again, I think it's an acclimation thing. I am used to seeing an author's name listed as Last, First, so seeing Firm, The, seems fairly normal to me. I guess I've always tagged and named files/directories that way, so it is just the way I'm used to. It just so happens that it works the way that my MP3 players do. Happy coincidence.

As far as the bands that can't make up their minds, I decide if they are unable/unwilling/inconsistent.
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