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Default Bookmark and light questions

Hi i recently joined this forum to find a Mp3 player but have changed my mind of the Cowon D2 as it seems to have poor firmware and in general doesnt seem like a pick & go player although many great features, also this seems to released in europe soon

About P3

1. Does this have the option for bookmarking Audiobooks or atleast make it possible to resume from last point of some sort? and is this something they have or can support later via firmware?

2. Does this emit any form of light while the players screen isnt being used, for example when youre not touching it and only listening to it. It would be a big annoyance to me if it emits light as i listen to music late at night in bed along with audiobooks. Ive heard the small light on the P2 does do this

3. When is the european release?, has the 32 gb version been released already in the US?
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1. Yes- the player automatically resumes, but doesn't support multiple bookmarks for podcasts -perhaps in future firmwares.

2 When the screen is off, no light is emitted- no led's.

3 It's been out in the Uk for a while; I assume it'll come out in Denmark.
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this has some nice power save features, and icon on the top will both lock the screen and immediately turn off the light in one touch, nice touch there, saves battery as it does not need to wait for the backlight timeout to kick in

audio resume ias, as said, there but bookmarking is not, and i was a little shocked TBH that it was not in, i thought this was a given for big brand players

i do hope they add this in as soon as possible as it is a very useful feature to have
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Thanks for the replies and help, as i want the 32 gb version of it there might be a little further with the release date. Ive decided to buy a 8gb Sandisk Sansa clip instead of the cowon D2 until the P3 gets released, as i need it for more ease of use like the Gym. The D2 will make my life a living hell if i bring it there Thanks
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