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Default NWZ-E436F Firmware Update Successful

Well, I finally got the E436F to update. I tried it on my work's laptop, which has WinXP Pro, and it worked first time. I've also recently bought, from Sony (couldn't find it anywhere else around the Atlanta, GA area), an NWZ-S638F, and it updated from 1.10 to 1.11 just fine. It did it differently - not the same kind of update windows. A nice touch was the option to engrave up to two lines on the back, for FREE, which I took advantage of.

The sound has many more settings, and is definitely louder at the same volume numbers than the E436F (which is my wife's, and is plenty loud for her). The headphones, whose ends look like they're broken, 'cause they're canted to one side, are really good. I don't know if it's the unit (I think they both go to 20K), or the headphones, but I could hear many more little high-end sounds. I'll try it on her Walkman, and on my CD player.

The "creating library" process is a LOT quicker (about the same number of songs, videos).

One thing that I thought was a MAJOR display problem, but turned out it wasn't (thought I'd have to send it back right out of the box) -- there were several barely-lit vertical lines of slightly different lengths stretching from top to about 3/4's the way down the display.

It looked like a major pixel problem, but was just the idiotic Wallpaper 2 ! I thought maybe the engraving messed up the pixels, but thankfully it was only someone's bad idea for a wallpaper.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Dave H.
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