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well i see some criticisms here and around the web for The View. as i posted in another thread its $50 now right here:

don't know how long that deal will last but it seems a steal

if only it works right. i was thinking of getting one and making either it or my Fuze a "home player" of sorts. so then i'll have one mp3 player for my car, home, and on the go, respectively.

do you guys think the 8 gig view is worthy of at least being a home player? something i just use to listen to music, FM radio, and watch an occasional video? if its going to be buggy i would just as well not bother and wait for an 8 gig Clip or Fuze to come down the line. but if its solid under ordinary use i may as well get it, is my reasoning

i have $50 burning a hole in my pocket atm (tax refund). its either gonna be the View or this:

and wait a bit for a Clip or Fuze at a sale / refurb price. what do you think?

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