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Default A strange tale of SMC & e200's

This is related to the subject of this thread, but only confuses things more.

I have the old Arcsoft version of Samsung Media Converter (SMC) and it works with version 1 e200's. I see no feature to rotate videos, but they are in what I would call the correct rotation (the long dimension of the video corresponds to the long dimension of the screen) although that does mean that you have to turn the e200 sideways.

Ok, fine.

But, this evening I was repairing a version 2 e200. The Arcsoft SMC won't even recognize it. At all, period.

So I installed the latest, non-Arcsoft version of SMC (during installation at one point it said it was written by Corel). Well, it recognizes the v2 e200 and does the conversion. But the orientation is COMPLETELY wrong. The video's long dimension is across the short dimension of the screen AND IT IS UPSIDE DOWN. That is, you have to turn the player 180 degrees, e.g. upside down.

I see no option to rotate the video with either version of SMC. Further, the "new" version of SMC does not recognize a number of the media formats that I want to download. Among those, it won't convert or download a .vob file from a DVD (unencrypted; and the Arcsoft version handles it just fine, thank you ... ON A VERSION 1 e200, that is).


One other thing about the version 2 players .... many of my songs have the album artwork encoded right into the song. The version 1 player is fine with that. But the version 2 players are not, they won't show the album artwork.

CONCLUSION: The version 2 e200 players are inferior to the version 1 players.
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