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Old 05-12-2009, 08:09 AM
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Arrow Right Generaly improve to a moore unpredictable shuffling anyway?

I have a walkman NWZ-B135F, but on the other hand i dont think that matters casuse this is moore like a global issue, with all kinds of marks on Mp3 players is my experience, Sansa, Samsung for example

and its this with repeating shuffling of the tracks, the problem is that generally shuffle acts predictable and in the outcome simply never shuffle other than it possibly mix the genres together rather than going after first letter
In Sony walkman in the various play options the only alternative if you wanna it to act self-going and still play ALL tracks is eeh "All Songs"
and then use "Shuffle All"
the problem is that in the manual it says that it plays all only after track name, and since the shuffle allways play same songs earley on i take it like the shuffle all cant break the filename order,
the problem is that certain tracks becomes rare this way and you reach them with shuffle in like 4 hours everytime, and then you have allready fallen to sleep listen to thoose you are tired of
and thoose tired tracks is allways high up in the list when you browse all songs to start the shuffle, you have to walk down 400 songs then the once you never hear lie packed together, so to me it looks like its important what track you choose to get a unpredictable shuffle chapter?
and that seem to me requires a start item far down on the listing, this is hard to learn in an memorize, if i start with this item what others are thei in its chapter? and you get tired about 97 % of the random choices, Yippie one track whas rare! out of 10
is that a correct observation?

and now comes a question! can this program i have heard so mutch..bad about 'Sonic Stage' and its playlists cure this syndrom above, i doubt it but perhaps it have functions i havent heard of, i havent even tested the program, a playlist that shuffles totaly random without letters is what i wanna
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