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Default Disable USB Charging

I just plan to charge via AC wall outlet and don't want to charge the fuze with computer.

So this might be a stupid question but is there a setting in the Fuze to disable USB charging when connected to a computer?
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No, not as far as I know, you would have to mod the connection cable, IIRC there is a tutorial here somewhere.

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Disabling the USB +/-5V supply could very well disable the whole USB connection. USB controller on the player can use those power supply to detect the present/absent of posible host and attempt to start a data link. In those case, the player won't make connection to the PC if there is no power supply.

Out of curiousity, why won't you want to charge you Fuze at the same time when you are syncing? Unlike the old type of battery technology, Li-ion battery actually benefit from multiple small charge even if you didn't get a full charge every time. If you really don't want to charge your Fuze on PC, you can just disconnect it after sync.

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Thanks for the replies, i just thought that if u full charge the battery, use the fuze for a little bit then hook it up to the computer to transfer some files over that it will kill the battery quicker in the long run.

I never knew that Li-ion battery actually benefits from multiple small charge, it's good to know, thanks =)
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