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Originally Posted by Anthrsckmnd View Post
Slightly off topic, but does the Cowon o2 integrate the data on the SD cards with the internal memory data? Or is it like the creative zen that makes you access the SD card separate from the built-in memory?
Cowon has decided to not integrate their SD card slot with the internal memory. Since I own some Sansa players that did integrate their expandable microSDHC card memory, I thought this was going to be an issue for me with the Cowon player. I was wrong!

I actually enjoy separating the memories for multiple reasons:
  • Since I store different media on different cards, I can plug and play whatever I need without wondering if it will screw up my tag database.
  • If the card was integrated, the battery would probably drain faster since it does take more power to access the SD cards.
  • You can be sure where the files are you are accessing. There is no question where the files are. I love this! A whole lot better if you have a large music library and you store bunches of them on both internal and the SD card.
  • If I play most things from the internal memory, and only access the SD card's data periodically then I know my battery life will be extended.
  • Confusion is lessened since you will know if you're on the card or internal memory. A little icon indicates if you're on the card or not.
I personally think that it was genius to leave the internal and expandable memory separate. Also, since there is no MP3 Tag database refreshing everytime you insert a card, startups are a quick process. This would be extremely agonizing if you had a large music library on a card.

That's my 2 - for what it's worth.
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