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Default Faster Media Refresh from Mac

The Mac writes ._ resource fork files for practically all files copied. I discovered this slows the refresh media on the Fuze. These files will also show in some places like browsing by directories. In my case I have 24GB pretty much filled and even with this it still takes 5m30sec. When I had 16GB total it took 4m30sec without this cleanup. Here's a shell script that cleans the volume. You'll see I go through in once for my internal and again for the microSDHC card. I'd guess this cuts 1/3 to 1/2 the time for media refresh though I haven't bothered with benchmarks b/c it takes a couple hours to copy 24GB to begin with.

Put this text in a text file in TextEdit, change paths for your player, save and make the file extension .command and it will run on double-click. You can also add it to your Scripts folder in your Library folder and turn on the Script menu using the AppleScript Utility so that you have no terminal window and it just executes. Run the script before dismounting the volumes.


find /Volumes/JAYS\ FUZE/MUSIC/ -name '.DS_Store' -print0 | xargs -t0 rm -rf
find /Volumes/JAYS\ FUZE/MUSIC/ -name '._*' -print0 | xargs -t0 rm -rf
rm -R /Volumes/JAYS\ FUZE/.Spotlight-V100/*
rmdir /Volumes/JAYS\ FUZE/.Spotlight-V100
rm -R /Volumes/JAYS\ FUZE/.Trashes/*
rmdir /Volumes/JAYS\ FUZE/.Trashes
rm /Volumes/JAYS\ FUZE/._.Trashes
rm -R /Volumes/JAYS\ FUZE/.fseventsd/*
rmdir /Volumes/JAYS\ FUZE/.fseventsd

find /Volumes/JAYS\ 16GB/MUSIC/ -name '.DS_Store' -print0 | xargs -t0 rm -rf
find /Volumes/JAYS\ 16GB/MUSIC/ -name '._*' -print0 | xargs -t0 rm -rf
rm -R /Volumes/JAYS\ 16GB/.Spotlight-V100/*
rmdir /Volumes/JAYS\ 16GB/.Spotlight-V100
rm -R /Volumes/JAYS\ 16GB/.Trashes/*
rmdir /Volumes/JAYS\ 16GB/.Trashes
rm /Volumes/JAYS\ 16GB/._.Trashes
rm -R /Volumes/JAYS\ 16GB/.fseventsd/*
rmdir /Volumes/JAYS\ 16GB/.fseventsd

exit 0
Absolutely do not use your actual Mac HD name, only your Fuze volumes in this script. This script deletes files. Use with caution and if you understand what this does.

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