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Default NWZ-A729 - USB charging without PC.

Silly me, I assumed that as long I as took a USB charger thingy, I could charge my Walkman (like my NWA-3000 used to).

How wrong i was, it seems it only charges when connected to a fully fledged PC with USB port.

Come on Sony, it's 2 steps forwards, and always 1 step back...
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Err.... I can happily charge my A729 using my brother's iPod USB wall adapter... I don't know what you are talking about...
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Default It depends on the charger

Being a cheapskate, I made my own power supply. I had a 5V wall wart, so I got a female USB-A connector and wired up the USB connector. The Walkman turned on when I connected it but did not recharge. I looked up info on USB charger specifications and discovered the following (basic info is on Wikipedia):

The two data pins (D+ and D-) have to be shorted together and floating (i.e. not grounded nor connected to 5V) for a dedicated USB charging device.

So, I opened up the connector, took the wires for D+ and D-, twisted them together and tried again. The Walkman now recognized the power supply and started recharging properly.

So - if the USB charger you buy does not have D+ and D- connected together, the Walkman will not recognize it as a proper charger.

If you want to test the charger, just check that there's no resistance between the D+ and D- pins in the USB socket. You can use any circuit continuity tester but a volt-ohmmeter is an ideal generic tester. Of the four pins you see in the connector, the two middle ones are D+ and D-; the outer pins are power.
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Hhhmm, I am a new Sony Walkman owner here just signed up the other day.

Anyway, in regards to USB charging without a PC, I own a SOny A829 walkman and have charged it both using the USB port on my computer as well as my Apple iPod wall USB charger and no complaints.

I looked into the power that the Walkman requires to charged and it is 5 volts. The iPod USB wall charger regulates between 5 volts and 1 amp and to this day, have not had any troubles.

Maybe just use an iPod USB charger in the future or purchase a genuine Sony wall charger?

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I just bought a generic mains -> usb adapter and plug the cable in. Charges just fine.
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i can charge my sony A726 on my wii, and my car/ac wall adapter...and my cousin's xbox360, and friends ps3 shall i go on?!?!?!?!?!?!
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You can pick up a usb mains charger off ebay for 2.99.
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Many Thanks to JSmithson for your info. I have been trawling around for an couple of hours to try and find out why Sony NWZ mp3 players would not charge with car adaptors or the AC plugtop adaptors I have. Five minutes with a soldering iron and your solution works. I am fitting three on board boats so I needed a fix for three units.
Thanks again.
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