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Default Cover art on A729 (presumably all a72/82)

This isn't so much a problem but more of a query about how something works. About a week ago I started using MediaMonkey to transfer music to my player (after becoming tired of how slow and buggy media manger seemed to be) and last night I discovered something that I thought was quite interesting and wondered why it should be. When you press the option button on the player and select "Cover Art" from the menu, a box pops up with the cover art. Before now the feature seemed pointless in that the image it brought up was only appeared slightly (if at all) larger than the ordinary image that appears when playing. It seemed like rather a pointless feature. Certainly it never took up all of the box that comes up (this is the one which carries just the title of the song at the top) but when I clicked on it last night I discovered that with all the files I've transferred using MediaMonkey the box is filled with a large version of the cover art.

I'm just wondering if anyone knows why this would be? It seems odd that the official Sony program would render this function pointless (although admittedly it's purpose is gimmicky at best but still nice to use) whilst mediamonkey seems to make full use of the pictures.

(Sorry seems like a pointless post but I thought that there might be people out there interested in this)

EDIT: I've just noticed that this might actually be down to the fact that mediamonkey appears to place the .alb files, which previously resided in the "Album" folder, in the folder containing the music in the "MUSIC" folder

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