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yeah, compared to MS1s any low cost IEM is gonna be a bit of a shock. But it just depends where your priorities lay - price or quality. I can only say good things about the phonaks but then again, they set me back 110, but retail for 125.

if shopping for CX300, EP630s or other popular budget IEMs make sure u buy from a reputable dealer, there are tonnes of fakes.

I have a pair of 8 SoundMagic Pl12s - they sound good with a bit serious of modding, but you can say goodbye to treble, and they are far from analytical. PL30s are another cheap option.

Klipsch Custom 2s on sale on Amazon for under 60 - good midprice option.

RE2s available for 49 USD plus free Fiio E5 ( - I'm actually thinking of picking up a pair of these. Additional postage if you live outside USA though... Some people reckon these are better than Etymotic ER6i - and half the price.

While we're on the topic, anyone tried iGrados with the P3?
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