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Originally Posted by nuwbuddy View Post
I wanted to get a sansa view 32 gb, but read all about the shoty firmware and lack of updates, so figured i should go for something better, and low and behold, i found the p3. Apparently the sansa view 32 gb takes about 5 to 10 minutes to start up. Anyone have a startup and run time for the 32 gb p3?
Both the Zen & View were offering value 32gb options (and the D2 with use of a SD card) but neither the first two were raved about. The P3 is both a genuine 'new generation' touch screen player, and offers high capacities and at a remarkably low price (considering the Sony & Cowon prices!)

I've heard the View hasn't the greatest SQ. I always felt people were a bit harsh on the Zen, but its hardly a breakthrough player. I'd love to see creative back up there again putting out great players, but for now Samsung have snagged my custom.
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