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Default S638F - Personalising, Bookmarks, anything else?

Howdo all...

I recently upgraded from a Muvo V100 to a S638F so I now have a very happy ears.

I've bought it a little rubber gimp suit so it won't be harmed in transit and have been nodding on the tube to Tanya Morgan, Daru Jones, Hollie Smith and The Gaslamp Killer.

Two things bother me tho.

There's no Bookmark function and no option to play a single track once and then let the player shutdown, or to setup a timed shutdown...any way around these issues?

Also, are there any other themes I can download out there? Anything else I can do with it?

Cheers in advance
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I'm sorry, but I don't you can do any of them. What I did, is create a relatively small playlist for times I know I won't listen to something for a long time, or I just pick an artist.

I'd be interested to know though if there's a way.
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Originally Posted by bartock View Post

Also, are there any other themes I can download out there? Anything else I can do with it?
I've emailed Sony support before about themes. I asked if there were any instructions, templates, or development packs available so users can create custom themes. They responded back and said no. So, as far as themes go, what it comes with is what you have to choose from.

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Yeah- with Sony what you see is what you get, no messing around with their products- and that's no bad thing. I love how the player starts instantly, no bootup time at all.. it's like it's never off but still with great battery life.
To be fair, you have 10 themes- and you can use your own picture as a wallpaper. I just use minimalist turqoise or green with a black wallpaper.

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