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I really like this player too. Loooove that long battery life, and the ease of use. I found it nicer to use than my old 4GB iPod mini (and that iPod I had had poor battery life).

I don't have a problem with the 'low' volume level. It cetainly gets loud enough when I put it at 22! And adjusting the equalizer, it sounds really nice. Again, better than my old iPod.

I always either have a problem with the earphones hurting my ears, or them falling out of my ears.
And yes, it keeps 'building' the library every time you switch it on after 4 hours or so of not using it. I got used to it, once it builds the library (the first time is the longest) subsequent builds at start up aren't half as long.

I was surprised at the relative low cost of this Walkman, I just hope it goes the distance! So far I have had no troubles with it.

PS: I picked one up from Dick Smith's in WA, it was a real lemon. Sent it back. Got another from eBay - the price was $117AUD but thanks to a stuff-up with Paypal and my bank it turns out I may not have to pay anything for it!
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