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Default Audible support on the P3

Does the P3 support audiobooks from
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Believe so. I'm not a user of audiobook, so I'm not completely sure, someone who uses them should be able to confirm this. But I do believe they work.
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Hey Russ,

I've been doing some checking around the net (I get super bored at work) and I haven't found any info that says you shouldn't be able to play audio books on the player. Now respectively, as long as the audiobooks come in a format compatable with the P3, namely, MP3, WMA, Ogg, FLAC, AAC, WAV, or ASF you should be alright. From the info I've found, Samsung works best with Audio Books in MP3 format but should work with other formats as well.
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Samsung has only had one player that supports Audible, the Helix XM Radio device.

I love Samsung products but they've clearly missed the boat on some "easy" aspects of their mp3 players.

I used to have an Audible account and it does let you burn the files to CD. I used Nero to burn to an image file, mounted the image and then ripped to mp3. It's a bit of a pain but it works since Samsung forgot to add support for the largest audio book supplier in NA...
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Not only that, but the p3 also lacks support for audio bookmaking.
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