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Originally Posted by fission7x View Post
I finally got around to soldering the left-channel connection of the headphone jack.
The SMD resistor was so small, there was no way I could solder it correctly - I just
reheated the existing solder, added a little more, and...
By the magic of solder, it works! There was very little real estate on the PCB to
solder to, but it seems to be holding - and working.
I decided to secure the jack housing to the PCB using some E6000 adhesive, for
reinforcement. I also covered the solder connections.
It may not last, but for a while, I seem to have a solid, working headphone jack.
Thanks abi users!!
Welcome to the world of modding. haha

I had the same issue and soldered. Just a note to help you and any other newbie solderer. Be sure to use de-soldering wick. This will save your lives! It soaks up solder, so if you apply too much or have to start over. Also NEVER keep the iron on for more than 5 seconds or so . . . doing so will burn the board and connections.
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