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Old 07-05-2009, 09:31 PM
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Originally Posted by BobbyRS View Post
May not be the WSOD, but it sounds like you do have a LCD issue.
I have a refurb 8G Zen purchased direct from Creative, and I've been on this delightful forum for three of the seven days of ownership. I must say, this is a pleasantly mature group here, hard to find in forums of today.
OK, to the brass tacks. BobbyRS has remained diligent and tenacious about the WSOD issue, I had to join to toss my pennies in, lest the rubber room might collect a fine moderator.
The whole issue with the WSOD is circuitry in its base form. Transistors switch on and off, resistors dampen current and capacitors gulp and dispose of surges as required to satisfy needs. Then there are inductors, potentiometors, IC timers and so on, to regulate and refine the circuit to perform the tasks properly. Years ago, these were separate components, easily bench tested and repaired by replacement.
Todays circuits are combined and miniturized to surface mount technology. I have the hot air machines to service this technology but the part numbers are obscured or not even there! Couple this with sourcing import craftsmen who produce the circuit boards, with absolutely no idea of potential values and substituting, to the best of their limited knowledge, a part they have on hand.
This is where "Bad Batch" arrives. It is also where Firmware resides.
Designers will see where the issue is, say the impedence to Q5 (transistor) is 5Khz but the display module requires 17Khz or better, the firmware pushes that. The problem now is how much can that circuit take before failing completely?
Sadly, this will be a recurring issue until companies, once again, build in house.
So, the final judgement is with BobbyRS. Send it back, perhaps American companies will decide to give the R&D back into their own house.
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