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Old 07-06-2009, 07:05 AM
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Originally Posted by shinobi00 View Post
Have you used your clarity settings? I'm trapped on +1. 0 Isn't worth my time. Which makes me think it's not a true line out. Could just be my equipment though.

I'm wondering how you would compare the sound to your clip.

All in all it definitely improves sound quality, and it's pretty much a must if you appreciate sound in general.
I'm not surprised you like clarity settings on 1. My Cmoy (which uses a LME49860 op amp) adds a lot of brightness to the sound (treble basically) so it sounds somewhat similar to having the clarity settings on, but marginally better.

The FiiO (I haven't heard the E5 mind, but I have the E3) adds bass and rolls off the treble, making the sound a little darker. So clarity settings would counter-act this, I guess

Its not that one sounds is better or worse, just a matter of personal taste.

Although it seems unlikely it really is true line out, because sound straight from a DAC shouldn't have effects / EQs & stuff on it, MP3 player circuits are realistically much more complicated than a simple MP3 > DAC > AMP set up. Difference chips serve multiple functions, DACs have amps built in, and all kinds of crazy crap!

Oh, IMHO -

Sansa Clip (no eq) better Sammy P3 > No DSNe > Headphone Out
Sansa Clip (no eq) equals Sammy P3 > DSNe on > Headphone Out
Sansa Clip (no eq) equals Sammy P3 > No DSNe > LOD > Basic Headphone Amp
Sansa Clip (no eq) worse Sammy P3 > DSNe on > LOD > Basic Headphone Amp
Sansa Clip (no eq) worse Sammy P3 > DSNe on > Headphone Out
Sansa Clip (no eq) worse Sammy P3 > No DSNe > LOD > Good Headphone Amp
Sansa Clip (EQ on) worse than all above combo's (Clips EQ sucks!)

I gave my Sansa Clip to my g/f. I still use it occasionally, its a great little player. YMMV of course.
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