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I like the feature as an option on the P2. I hate it as a mandatory requirement on the P3. It's far less efficient if you don't do the same thing every time you turn on the P3. If I listened to music last, but want to listen to the radio the next time, I've got to tap once to get the control to appear, Press and hold the back icon to get back to the main screen. Then tap the Radio icon. If the player could be set to go nack to Home on power-up, then it would have been one tap to get to radio. Even if I'd wanted to be in the now playing music screen that would have been only one press on the music icon. I'm more likely to want to listen to different music though, which still requires a tap for controls, another for back, another for back, etc.. from then now playing screen. It's one tap from the Home menu for the upmost level in the music options.
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