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Originally Posted by h1a8 View Post
Is warmer a good thing?
This is all IMO, so here goes: Sony players sound very bassy and warm (X series, I don't know), while the Cowon players I've owned sound very cold and analytical (D2 & S9).

The Sony's are the most biased sounding, as Sony seems to have made the flat EQ setting still favor the low end, but the highs are still somewhat too "bright". Kinda gave me a headache after a while, but very fun sounding (contradictory, eh?).

Cowon, OTOH, sounds more flat (at least to me). It needs EQ'ing and sound enhancements to shine. It's more true to what the music is supposed to sound like. Like Cowon feels that it's your decision to make the music sound how you like it, and why most (I feel) prefer their players.

The Samsung players seem to be in between Sony and Cowon. The SQ is great, but slightly flavored and fun. Not as analytical as the Cowon lineup, but not a tweaked as a Sony. Like it's a melting of the 2, and it's a sound that doesn't get tiring to listen to for long periods of time.

Don't forget, the hp/iem's you use make a big difference also. But with what I have these are my observations. I find that the Samsung Q2 is the easiest to use w/the hp's I have, w/the least amount of adjustments to the sound settings. My S9, well, that's another story - but it's worth it.

I'd love to get a P3, but unless it hits 32gb for sale in the US, it's still unacceptable to me. I might try that R1 though, since it'll hit 232gb.

Like I've stated - this is all IMO, so YMMV. I'm not being judgmental, or reviewing any of the players/brands mentioned. This is my personal preferences.
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