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Default NWZ-S615F: Computer Freezes When Plugged


I have recently bought a Sony Walkman NWZ-S615.

I've downloaded songs to it already and did not experience any problems the first time. Some days after, I've decided to add some more songs, but my PC suddenly does not recognize the device anymore. I've tried to replug it in another port but to no avail. I've restarted my system but still no use. I've also tried to uninstall 'WALKMAN' from the Device Manager and restart my PC, but it still doesn't work and on top of it, when I plug my mp3 there is a pop- up that says 'MTP Device is connected' and then my computer freezes or runs real real real slow. I've also tried to uninstall and reinstall Windows Media Player but to no avail still. But whenever I plug it, the mp3 recharges. I've also tried formatting my mp3, still nothing. Now, I don't even have songs (or any file for that matter) in my S615F anymore.

Can somebody plese tell me what's wrong with it? And what can I do to fix it up.

By the way, I have Windows Xp (SP 2) and Windows Media Player 11.

Thank you very very very much.
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Reset and reformat the S615F, that might solve the issue. If it doesn't, then exchange it for another player. You might have gotten a "bad apple" (sorry, I couldn't help myself).
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I've tried resetting and formatting it but to no avail. Maybe I'd just try to plug it in another PC or revert to USB use (rather than MTP) if I could make my computer do it before it freezes again. OR! If everything fails again... I'd just exchange it. I might have gotten a 'bad apple' LOL

Thank you!
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