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Default S739 headphone wire breaking

I have had a S739 for approx 9months now. I use it every day, but I also look after it very well.

The problems is now the outer sheath of the headphone wire is starting to break badly. It seems to crimp and then get brittle and crack in the crimp. Luckily, the wires themselves haven't broken yet. At the moment I keep mending the cracks with self amalgamating tape, but it's only a matter of time before something goes.

I have had walkmans all my life and have never had problems with wires breaking like this. To me it is definately something wrong with the type of cable sheath they use. It's annoying as these noise cancelling headphones should be better than the cheapies that others supply.

Does anyone else have the same problem, and would this be covered under warranty?
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Originally Posted by nickj_d View Post
would this be covered under warranty?
Contact Sony and ask. Otherwise your noise canceling feature is usless without buying another set of the same iem's from Sony.
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Default The earphones are faulty


The earphones for the NWZ-S73* series are faulty as mentioned on the Sony UK website. Take a look at the news section from the link as shown below as they recommend that you get in contact with or .com if your in USA, and they should replace the earphones for free as it is from a faulty batch.

I hope this is the answer that you want.

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Thanks heaps for that link. I punched in my serial number, and sure enough, it's one of the faulty batches. I will get in touch with Sony asap and hopefully have no problems getting a new pair.

thanks again!
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