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Default Questions before my Fuze arrives Pre Fuze Shakedown.

Hi all. Ordered my silver Fuze 8 and should be here in a few days. I do have some questions. I have read the online manual, for what it's worth, done some searching and have a few, i.e. bunch of questions. Using Vista 64 bit with WMP11. My CD's are ripped to WMP already.
1. I have read about MSC vs MTP. Seems MSC just makes your Fuze a thumb drive. Refresh is a problem. MTP shows an icon and refreshes realtime. What are the advantages and which should I use?
2. Will album art automatically transfer if I only move a few songs from an album over? Do I move the folder holding the songs and delete the ones I don't want?
3. Using a Micro SD, will I see one large device or two separate ones? Will I be able to get about 350 CD's on an 8G Fuze with 8GSD?
4. Any caveats before I start loading my Fuze?

Thanks for your understanding and help. I am older and technology moves very fast for me.
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1) I believe this has been discussed elsewhere before, and I doubt I would bring anything new to the discussion. (I personally use MSC since it's guaranteed to work with any operating system that supports USB Mass Storage)

2) With MTP, I have no idea. With MSC, if you include a folder.jpg, it will be included, no matter how many songs you transfer with it.

3a) You'll see two separate devices.
clarification from epithetless: the computer sees two devices. Regular database navigation on the Fuze doesn't care where the files are. Filebrowser navigation will show internal and µSD storage separately

3b) That all depends what encoding settings you use when ripping your CDs.

4) not that I can think of at the moment.

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Originally Posted by Dhraakellian View Post
3a) You'll see two separate devices.
To clarify: You'll see two separate devices on your computer when the Fuze-with-microSD is connected to it, but on the player itself, you can view the internal memory and external card as either two separate entities (via the recently added file browser) or as a single entity (via the database, since the player automatically indexes both sources together).
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Thanks all..........
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