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Originally Posted by CDMP3PlayerFan View Post
When you mentioned DRM I remembered that the Sony players will only play non-DRM AAC files. The AAC files I tested when creating a playlist were iTunes Plus files which are high-bitrate AAC files that don't have copy protection. Those files play on my player without conversion, and I can put them in playlists via Windows Explorer as described in my previous post.

If you purchased your AAC files from the iTunes Store and they are not iTunes Plus, then the files are protected by DRM. If that is the case, that is the likely reason you are having problems using them in playlists.

I had some AAC files that I purchased from the iTunes Store. Later, I paid 30 cents per track to upgrade them to iTunes Plus, which replaced them with a higher-bitrate non-DRM version of the files.

One more thing that might be of interest. I use MediaMonkey (MM) to manage my music and load it on my player. One of the things I found is that at first it would not recognize my AAC music files. What I found was I had to set MM to recognize files ending in .m4a as music files that it would monitor.

I hope that helps.
All the music I have in AAC, I have protected DRM.Usage a program to move my C'ds to AAC "Audio Copy exactly Itunes + Quicktime AAC".

I do not usually buy music in iTunes.

I do not think iTunes Plus let me convert files without having bought in his shop.
MediaMonkey is a great program if you know what utilizarlo.Yo used once and delete all the music on my walkman (I'm a duck).

Will have to wait if Sony pulls with freeware update for AAC.

Thank you very much for your help.

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