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Default Does Fuze autoplay once turned on?

1) I had Fuze a while ago and forgot how it worked. When I turn it on, does it go to the previously played track and start to play it automatically? I am looking for a PMP that I can use in the car. The less buttons I press, the better it is.

2) Can I play music while the data/charging cable is connected to cigarette lighter?

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1) I use Rockbox exclusively on my Fuze now, but I recall playback auto-starting in the original Sansa firmware if you previously shut it down without pausing first (i.e. while the song was still playing).

2) Not sure, actually. Good question.
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Yes when you turn on the Fuze it goes the track that was playing when shut off

and you can play the Fuze while charging from the cigarette lighter
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