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Default Fuze + Rockbox + Video = ??

Hey all..

Just wanted to know from those of you who have Rockbox installed on your Fuze, just how good (or bad) the video playback is?. Is it passible or is it still not worth using at the moment. I've been wanting to install Rockbox on my Fuze but have held back just for this reason. Thanks for any info!
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Video on my Rockboxed Fuze works as well as the video on my Rockboxed e250. I just use the same settings in WinFF and get decent playback. The picture is clear and the replay is about as smooth as you can expect with the bitrates involved. I haven't had it freeze during the playback of several music videos. No Video/Audio sync problems. I haven't watched a full length movie and probably won't.

I don't know but I've read that you should expect greatly reduced battery life since Rockbox works on the Fuze but is not optimized yet. I just am not gong to watch more than a few minutes of video on a screen that size.
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Originally Posted by oobergeek View Post
I've been wanting to install Rockbox on my Fuze but have held back just for this reason.
You can still boot into the OF (hold down the |<< button while booting) and watch videos from there.
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