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Default Help with External Charging (not PC USB)

How can I charge my Zen X-fi without using a PC USB connection???

I'm going on a 24 hour plane ride and have 2 battery powered USB devices that are supposed to charge things like phones etc, but my Zen X-fi does not show it charging (the same devices charge my phones ok) - I even have a Blackberry mains charger that doesn't seem to want to charge it either, the screen goes off no flashing red LED, nothing

Is there some something unusual about charging the zen X-fi - maybe 'm not supposed to see anything (no feedback) whilst charging this way, I'm a bit scared to leave it plugged in for hours with a power supply it's not happy with.

Any suggestions?
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Default Power supply mini-USB

I recentrly bought a mini-USB power supply charger (one really cheap one) and it charges our X-Fi quite efficiently. Once it is plugged it turns on for a second and the turns off again. It remains switched off while it is charging, no flashing light whatsoever. After a good 5 or more hours it is full charged. No fear.
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This is just a thought...
Does it show that it is charging if you plug it into the non-PC charger while the player is turned on?

Sorry, I'm too lazy to confirm this on my own X-Fi.
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Posted this yesterday
Sit Down, Shut Up, Don't *!@#*^#!! With Me. I'm Drivin'
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