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Default What version of id3 tags does the xfi use?

I spend more time re-starting my player, and watching the rebuilding progress bar (only for it to fail) than I do actually listening to the damn thing.

I use media monkey to manage my files, and I've set it to only write id3v2. mp3tag reports these as id3v2.3. I've spent hours making sure they're all tidy, cross-checking with mp3tag.

This failed to stop my player crashing several times a day. I reluctantly brought creative media centrale out of retirement to check the tags. This reported that a few of the files had bad tags, although there was nothing visibly different about them in media monkey or mp3tag. When I used the automatic 'fix tags' function in centrale, mp3tag reported that it wrote id3v1 tags.

So, as per the subject line, does anyone know what version of id3 tags the player actually supports?
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