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Originally Posted by ghost in the machine View Post
Hey are you still waiting for your pilot like I am?

I'm 99.9% sure that you cannot record movies directly onto the player itself.

I've seen on youtube a video of someone explaining the video out, and on a smaller TV the picture looks acceptable, but on a larger TV it might not be as sharp. I'm not on my home computer, but I have a movie (Cloverfield) in the Pilots format and it is about 600MB.

As for the order of the songs, the .mp3 file has all the artist/song names etc built in, including the order of the songs according to the CD. So once you select the album on the mp3 player it will list the songs this way (unless stated otherwise).

Sorry if this wasn't helpful

Well when I recorded from the computer using windows it put the songs from the cd in alphabetical order. That's unimportant to me now though because I just rcorded the same cd directly from a cd player using line-in recording and it sounds better than ripping from the computer. It's defiantely a much longer process but to me it's worth it. Also that's recording from an older Pioneer cd player and I'd expect if I was using something better like a Sony or higher line players SQ would be even better yet. The downside is it only shows what you recorded in a numbered format like 'aud135'. I'm hoping if I plug my pilot into a computer I'll be able to move those songs around to the Playlist and put them under the band's name or cd name. I don't think you can create playlists on the Pilot itself because I've tried everything and all I'm stuck with now is about 100 songs with #'s so I have no idea what's what

On a separate note I just got my nt222 black silicone skin that includes a removable bracket to prop it up and it looks and feels real nice not to mention protects the player. Paid $8 shipped from somebody on Amazon and glad I got it
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