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Went back again and finally got the hang of ripping cd's using Windows media and recording in the highest variable rate possible WMA. Am I missing something or does recording in 240-340kb NOT take up double the storage space of recording in 128kb like you'd expect

Right now I only have a 4gb player so is recording in wma at the highest rate the best option for good SQ and reasonable use of storage space?

I see my player can record in PCM but on 4gb that's only 6-1/2 hrs of recording time total. Does that mean with pcm the cd is recorded EXACTLY as it is with no compression and a complete dupicate bit for bit of the cd with absolutely no SQ difference? If it is I figure I'd wait until I can at least get a 32 or 64gb flash player so as to get 50 or 100 hours recording time. Figure I might have to wait awhile to get an affordable one of those and in the meantime I'm happy enough with wma @ variable rate 240-350kb
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