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Default Updating the firmware on the Fuze

How do I check which version of firmware my Sansa Fuze is currently loaded with? How do I download the latest firmware update?

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Press the home button, scroll to settings, scroll to info.
This displays information regarding your Sansa Fuze (such as firmware rev, total
memory, free memory, number of songs loaded, etc.)
1. Scroll down to Info and select it.
2. Press the |<< to return to previous menu.
Download the latest version of fw from here on abi or sandisk, un-zip fw, drag and drop to the root of the player. Disconnect from pc and allow it time to update itself. If you are not comfortable with doing this yourself, sandisk has a tool called the "firmware updater" which you can download from sandisk and it does it for you. But learning the manual method is best, as you can upgrade downgrade and eventually even rockbox your player

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What does "rockbox" my player mean?
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Originally Posted by punchy View Post
What does "rockbox" my player mean?
What is Rockbox? Why should I use it?
Rockbox Themes:
Sansa Fuze: XL Fuzed // Sansa Clip/Clip+: Cliplined
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