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Default P3 not being recognized?

Okay so I got my P3 from UPS today, so I took it out of the box and charged it. I read up beforehand that installing emodio is a waste of time and its better just to drag and drop the files, so wanting to do that I open up My Computer and look for the P3, and find that its not there, can anyone help?

Edit: I'm sure I meet all the System Requirements and my brother's computer recognizes it so I'm really not sure whats wrong, but I guess I can try updating :\

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Make sure it's in UMS not MTP mode - change this on the player then re-connect and try again.
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Just tried it and it worked thianks
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if you ever try it on a Mac, it MUST be in UMS mode, and it still takes a minute of so.. just so you know
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