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Help Wall Charger Question

Hi folks,

I'm considering buying a wall charger for my P3 since I'll be taking a week long trip (mostly by bus), and I don't want the music to stop and have to sit bored for hours.

Can anyone recommend a safe wall charger for me to use? I know the P3 charges by connecting the USB to a computer, but can I also charge it by using a wall adapter?

My biggest concern is safety because I don't want the P3 to die prematurely on me since I just got it recently. BTW, I'm in Canada but we have the exact same voltage levels as in the US.

I've checked out some chargers but they say that the input voltage is b/w 100-240 volts and I'm not sure what I need.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I ordered a standard iPod/iPhone charger. If it works for an iPod, then it should provide enough power for a P3. Sometimes, I don't want to turn my computer on for 5 hrs just for the sake of charging my player...
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I use the cell phone charger for Korean cell phones.. Since all cell phones in korea as well as samsung players have the same 24 pin charging input..

I'm not sure if this is a 24 pin charger but it looks really similar to the one I use.. this is the one I have - I got a small 220volt to 110 volt converter and hook it up to the wall to charge..

when you buy it, make sure its samsung 24 pin charger.. good luck!

here's another one..


I found these on Amazon. I'm not 100% sure but these should work~

or if you want to be really safe, you can get USB to wall adapters.. like this and use ur usb cable to charge..

hope that helped!

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I got this and use my spare cable
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Hey Cavalier,

I too use a wall Charger for my P3, Personally I grabbed a USB wall charger from FutureShop.

It's Dynex brand (the house brand)

Input is AC 100V-240V
Output : DC 5V

It works just fine with the P3. It's a standard 2 prong so it'll fit all north American sockets, also after a designated time frame (I haven't actually figured out how long yet) the adapter automatically shuts off (just in case you forget to unplug it)

Think the charger cost me 20 bucks, but that might be a bit high. I like it though. Works great

Hope you find what your looking for!
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If you are looking for a great bargain, I just got this from

$9.00 plus $3.98 for shipping. Cable, car charger and wall charger. I'm thinking about getting another just for convenience since it was so cheap.

Just seach on YP-P3 charger on Amazon.
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Thanks a lot everyone, especially for all the links to the different chargers. That really helps.

Hey Detroit, that Griffin charger is the one I've thought of buying for the past few days. Good to know someone else has it.

Thanks again folks. I'm off to buy my charger.
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