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With the Clip, it is too easy to overshoot what you are are looking for. The display on the Clip is also imo too small, and having 3 files on the screen at a time vs 6 on the Fuze makes a huge difference.

If you plan to use a Fuze while exercising, then get a case with a clip on it, so it can be clipped to a shirt or armband.

I have both the Clip and the Fuze. Overall I enjoy using the Clip much more than the Fuze, I don't have a case for my Fuze though. The annoying things about the Fuze are the proprietary connector and lack of a built in clip. The annoying things about the Clip is the very small screen, lack of a scroll wheel, and lack of folder browsing. If you are over 40 and have trouble reading small print, then you will have trouble reading the display on the Clip. The Fuze display is much larger, although I would still prefer that the items on it would be larger. Now that there is the Clip+, the lack of expandability on the Clip is not a factor.

Many will agonize over the Clip+ vs Fuze decision. If the budget isn't tight, I suggest buying both. If you buy just one, you will probably agonize that you didn't buy the other.

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