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Red face P3 battery status confusing

ok so the last MP3 player i used was PSP, and it has 3 battery bars on top like the P3.

so i wanna know with the P3, when it's down to it's second bar does that mean it 66% battery left or around there.

cause i had bad experience with the psp playing only music, lets say it went down to 90% a little to slow, then after that the battery gets drained really really fast. 66% never meant it had that much power, 33% means it's almost dead so..... I'm confused

btw: i have brightness lowest,shuffle on,volume anywhere from 12-25 idk,
and i do switch songs a lot. everything else to my understanding is off.
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I'm not really sure. It seems to like to go back and forth between the bars for me.
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Seems like the battery meter is actually fairly accurate for me. I can usually get around an hour and a half on the blinking battery (lower than one battery bar), and I use half brightness and no DNSE near 12 volume. Don't know about yours, seeing as you change your music often.
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It may need re-calibrating. Let your P3 drain fully (don't do this often) then charge it.
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damn i used it as far as i remembered 15 hours and it was on the second bar

the PSP was crap when it came to battery status bar lol
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