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Help SRS WOW configuration help

Hi there i'm using my Iriver spinn with a pair of hd 415s and no headphone amp.
I tend to listen to metalcore (a7x), nu-metal (in flames), etc. Can anybody suggest how I should configure the srs wow settings or if I should use a preset eq (i.e. "rock") or just listen with the default settings. help much appreciated

ps great forum.
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I don't have a Spinn, but I suggest configuring the EQ to whatever sounds best to you for the music and the headphones you are using.

There is no correct setting as we all have differing tastes.
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I own several players (Meizu,Archos,Iriver,Zen)
The reason for buying the Spinn was mainly for playing video.
This performs very well for this task.

With the latest firmware you can play the video without recalculating the size to fit the screen.
With earlier versions of the firmware, you got a 'shocking' video without recalculating the size.
The latest firmware gives smooth video, so for me this is the greatest upgrade!

However on the MP3 music playing side, it is not that great.
Testing all my players (same music track and neutral settings), the Meizu shines, it just gives clear even sound with great bass.
Even tried it on a friends Ipod, was also ok but slightly less quality.
The headphone used is from Bose (top range closed type).
Even when tweaking the Spinn settings, I can not get the quality of the Meizu.
So I use the Meizu for music and the Spinn for video.


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I use:
SRS - 7
TruBass - 9
WOW - 00
Definition - 7

i mainly listen to electro and other techno-related music, so this preset is mainly bass and clear high tones, midtones i don't care that much about ;-)
I use sennheiser mx 85 sports II earphones (great sound for their value)
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