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Default FM recording - 4-hour limit?

Hey all,

I remember reading the P3's manual a few months ago, and it basically says it can record FM radio using whatever space is available on the P3, and that it'll split into a new file every 4 hours. Something like that.

Now, I happen to have the smaller U5. The same is printed on its manual, and when you press record, you see the entire available space used to calculate the remaining time (e.g. -11 hour). However, in reality the U5 (with its two latest firmwares) will stop recording once it hits the 4-hour mark.

One of the features I need from a PMP is 8-11 hours of FM recording in one go, whether using its built-in FM or line-in. Samsung's got this feature down pretty well (stable quality, records to mp3), but after the U5 I can't be sure if the P3 (or M1) will be useful for me, and I might have to go for a Cowon instead.

I was wondering if anyone here has used FM recording on the P3, and know for a fact that the P3 can go beyond 4 hours with one press of the (virtual!) button. Thanks in advance~~

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No. I've only recorded for an hour or so. I should imagine if it says in the manual that it will stop after 4 hours, then it will - even if it shows the total available recording time as being more than that.
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Thanks for the reply.

What I actually mean is, the manual says the P3 will split into a new file every 4th hour, but that it wouldn't stop, it would just keep on recording. But despite having this identical text in the manual, the U5 stops once it's done 4 hours.

Off to Cowon I go :P
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