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Default Capital 'R's missing

Just thought I'd share this. All of the capital letter 'R' have fallen out of my zen x-fi. This applies both to e.g. menu items, and song titles. I have searched all over the house, and can't find them anywhere. I suspect they may have been stolen, and will appear on eBay.

At present I am listening to 'andom play all'.
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They're back! Either they got lonely, or couldn't find better work elsewhere.
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Best. Thread. Ever.

(Normal boring answer in that case would be to hit the reset button or reinstall the firmware...)
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I think this happened to me once too (I can't remember what letter it was though).
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Only the uppercase Rs? Gee, if that's all then you have no right to bellyache about a lowly consonant. Next time, at least wait till one of the main vowels goes bye-bye before posting.
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