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Angry I will Die!!!!!!!

HI guys

i will die if i couldn't solve the problem my iriver spinn has stopped working i cannot switch on and when i connect it to the computer it gives the message for reinstallation and the usb driver cannt be found i tried for more then 2 weeks on the net to find the solution can any body tell me the solution;;;
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First of all, have you tried contacting iriver costumer service? it seems to me that the software has some errors (reinstallation, usb not recognized...) and you most probably need to format the device and install the software again. I'm not sure if the cd the spinn comes with has any other software besides the ones you install in the pc, so I recommend you check with costumer service first.

Good luck with your issue, keep us informed after you got a message from iriver.
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Please don't PM me with questions that can be answered in a forum thread. Don't be an idiot.
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i tried everything but i don't know nothing happened somebody tolled me that this is hardware problem so it's not a software problem i have to wait for the iriver news see what happens
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Your thread title is confusing, you created paragraphs that consist of 1 sentence, and you really make no sense.
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You should CALL iriver. I never had any luck just emailing them about problems with my P7. Good luck.
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Give us an update on how your bout with iriver goes.
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