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Default Problems Ejecting Sansa Fuze

Everytime I try to eject my Sansa Fuze I get the 'Windows cannot stop the generic volume as it is in use' message. I have tried numerous times over periods of hours to eject it, shut all visible programs down and even tried closing the sansadispatch.exe process. Nothing works.

I'm running Vista on my laptop and have recently installed by the Sansa Updater and the Media Converter. I have also installed the most recent firmware updates for the Fuze.

Please help!
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As long as you are done transfering files, just disconnect it, nothing happens to your player or OS if you don't do a safe disconnect, vista is just funky. On another note, the sansa updater sucks, you really should learn how to manually install fw, iirc there's a sticky on it in the clip forum (same method for fuze).

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If safe disconnection is still important to you, you can use a free program like Unlocker to kill any straggling processes that are preventing it.
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As WalkGood said, you can just disconnect it as long as you make sure you are not transferring files or using it in any other way.

The "safe ejecting" function is only there to make sure it is not in use when you unplug your device since doing so can harm it.
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imo its prob not a virus (but who knows). that happens to me once in a while with my clip and other devices as well. at that point if i know that theres no other program using the device then i just pull it out but if u dont want to do that u can try restarting your computer...that why u know that when the computer is off and about to reboot, its definately safe to remove it

but i personaly woudlnt bother and would just remove the usb right away
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