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Default Sony NWZ-E345

Hello to all!

I'm new here!

Have owned iPods for many years and wanted something different but didn't really want to spend alot of money. Went to a Sony factory store and saw the NWZ-E345 and liked it so I bought it (w/25% discount along with a lower marked price than retail).

Don't know anything about Sony's mp3 players but do own SE phone. Using it's media player would shorten the phone's battery life so I wanted a dedicated mp3 player.

My thoughts after using it after a short time:
1. Small/compact like nano (considering the E series, as I found out later after purchase, was suppose to compete with Apple's Nano line).
2. E series is the entry-level model.
- Just looking for a decent music player similar to nano, nothing fancy!
3. Good music quality
4. Decent video playback but won't use it since it's so small, it hurts my eyes, similar to the Nano's!
5. Has Mini-USB port for charging (use an old phone charger with mini-USB)!
6. Able to drag n drop iTunes playlists to Content Transfer to transfer to player!

1. CRAPPY Content Transfer software!
- Sony can NOT make a media software for their hardware like their mp3 players or phones! Period!
- NO ripping or file editing (i.e. tag files with album art)
- NO playlist creation (best for compilations; never used album folders for listening)
- S-L-O-W transfer speed
- Drag n drop is OK but files must are already tagged with album art to use feature instead of seeing Sony logo!
2. Must use computer cable for charging!
- Used to having an AC charger for iPod
- Must get a phone charger with Mini USB to charge player!
3. Sony's Media Manager does NOT work with device (similar to #1 Con)!
4. Rebuild library at every startup - VERY time consuming and Frustrating!
5. Plastic case is PRONE to smudges and is a Dust magnet (NO cases available yet from Sony store)!
6. Crappy Sony earphones.
- I use Shure SCL-4 for sound isolation
7. Functions/features could be more user-friendly like the iPods!

Did I miss something here? I've read that the players are good music players but everything else Sucks!
Guess I'm spoiled using iPods!
Music is better sound-wise but features leave much to be desired!

Read that the higher-end models just add features but features/functions are almost identical and use the same Crappy software!

Anyway, it's a "decent" player so I'll keep it but will question whether or not to buy any future Sony mp3 players!

Any one faced similar thoughts with Sony mp3 players esp. the E series?

I'm still new at this but my experience has left me kind disappointed!
Should have done research before letting my emotions tell me to buy!

I like the new S640/S740 series that about to be released in Asia but est. cost for high capacity versions are ~ $20,000-25,000 Yen ~ $220-275 USD using ~92 conversion rate! Check out AmazonJP!

Now I'll have to check out the new S series when it's released! This will be researched first before buying =

Thank you!

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