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Exclamation HOWTO: Get directly to 4.10 on an YP-K3 (from 3.09)

Details for people which are not sucessing with that HOWTO
and want to update their YP-K3 to the newest Firmware.

Its especially for People who have got the 3.09 firmware and canīt update because of Samsungs Update lock .

1. Lets go:
Firstly you get CCTool and 4.10 Firmware here.:
4.10 Firmware

Then you must connect the YP-K3 and boot it into recovery mode.
Recovery Mode:

2.To boot into recovery mode (before running tcctool) connect to the PC, hold down power (as if turning it on/off) and with a paperclip push reset (You can now release power). Windows should then detect a new device and you can install the drivers supplied in the tcctool package (You do not have to uninstall the Samsung drivers).

3.once tcctool is installed as explained above put tcctool.exe into your Windows/system32 directory so you can access it via start->Run

To make it easy, extract the Downloaded 4.10 Firmware and put the
YPK3.rom in root of your drive C:
Now you can boot any .rom file onto your K3 temporarily (until it's turned off) by running this command from Start->Run
So go to Start > RUN and type in:
tcctool -d ypk3 C:\YPK3.rom
4.Your K3 will show the Samsung logo and boot into the firmware you just loaded.
At this point it should show up in your computer as a removable Device if you booted the 4.10 FW.

Open the Device (If it asks to format - it probably will) format as FAT32, default allocation size, quick format probably doesn't matter, I didn't.

5.Once formatted, copy the YPK3.rom from onto your YP-K3 removable device.
Then go to and look for the Color youd like the YP-K3 should have
Example Green:
Goto your extracted folder of
and copy from the folder lime the YP-K3.img .
Put it like the .rom into your removable Device.)

6.Once you have done this, set your K3 back into recovery mode (by holding the on switch down and pressing reset) and go again to Start > Run and type
tcctool -d ypk3 C:\YPK3.rom
Then your YP-K3 reboots (keep connected to PC!!) and after the Samsung-Logo appeared it says that its Upgrading Firmware

Now youve Finished with the difficult part.

7. Then do how your K3 says; disconnect it from the PC by pulling of the USB cable.
Restart it and now its installing the Green Style pack.
Then you Pwn3d Samsungs Firmware Update lock

Like this its going to look
4.10 has much advantages like reading text, changing font, new screen savers (look at the colored circles )

Here we gO:

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Hey thank you, thanks to your post now i have 4.10 on my k3 i always hated MTP, but now i can use it as a mass storage thank you
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Does this actually work? because I didn't think 4.10 let you update firmware on it either? Installing 4.10 FROM 4.10 doesn't sound right.

However if it does work, this would be a better way of doing it.

I also noticed you copied some parts of my guide :/
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this pictures doesnt from 4.10, its pure sure 4.06
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Man, You Rules!!!!! Thanks A lot
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can someone upload tcctool again ?
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OMG OMG OMG OMG THANK YOU~ took me a while to realise what was happening but THANK YOU!
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Can someone help me? When i do step 3 it boots up and stays on file transferring... Do not disconnect. What should i do?
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Yiiiihaaa it works all fine! Great HTD ! Thank you so much. Now ill use the k3 again daily
WfG Spledid
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