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Originally Posted by MattMc3 View Post
The ability to resume the playback position of all MP3's and MP4's in the Podcast folder was possible with last years S630 series, but that feature (and all podcast support) was removed from this years S540 series. Even if you made an MP4 like you mentioned, you still wouldn't be able to resume it's playback position on this years S540 unless it was the last played file.

Oh are you serious? Damn, it probably would've worked with my a729 then. Man they really cut out a lot for the s54x

Edit: Man, you're right, I just tried to look through some vids. They all pretty much start from beginning except the last one played. They even took out the 'NEW' icon for newly added vids. And no more horizontal left orientation. Man what the hell? That's how I viewed all my vids on the a729.

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