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Help Help needed - Spinn too slow

I upgraded to 2.10 and after trying several themes and flash applications, which I found mainly on these forums (the themes are all supposed to be working well on 2.10) - I found the interface way too slow and unresponsive. Sometimes I need to wait up to 5 seconds for any reaction. So, I formatted the spinn and had all setting returned to original factory settings and am currently using the basic theme - but the problem is still around. It all became quite annoying as I need sometimes up to 30 seconds just to start playing music... Thanks for help...
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I don't ever get that amount of lag, try just turning it off then on. (not sleep, that won't do anything)
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Thanks for that, but it did not help. However, I was able to fix it by reinstalling the 2.10 firmware. Now, everything works as it had worked before I tried the themes and applications. Though this experience taught me to avoid new themes and applications as some of them can clearly mess up things seriously... That's unfortunate as I think that spinn has a a lot of potential...
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Default Sweet; thanks (success pending)!

Ah, thanks for this info! I'm in the exact same position as you were: I just updated firmware which ran fine until I tried to use several themes and games. Also, my wheel doesn't move forward by one track when I'm listening to music. I will try reinstalling the firmware in the morning. Thanks, again!
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