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Originally Posted by manoz View Post
... I put in and take out podcasts nearly everyday so waiting a long time is going to be a pain. Looking forward to hearing about your findings.
I have a 2GB Fuze with 8GB class 6 SDHC and I use mine similarly. Ordinarily I put my podcasts on the 2GB flash and the SD card remains unchanged. However it still seems to prolong startup to an annoying degree, but not as bad as my 8GB e280 which took 5 minutes each time I updated podcasts.

On top of it, I'm running Rockbox so the OF update is a total waste in the first place. I look forward to the day when Rockbox on the Fuze supports USB and then I won't have to see the "refreshing" screen again. In the mean time, I suppose I could speed things up by popping the SD card out before I connect USB to update podcasts.

I don't know if SD speed affects refresh time. It may be that the read speed is fast enough to keep up with the refresh processing. It is more likely to affect USB transfer speed. And IAC the nature of use is that the player typically reads flash storage while USB is more often used to write.

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