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Default Dilema - Which Earphones?

I'm owner of ZEN X-Fi, and can't decide which earphones should I use.

1) Creative Ep-240 - I had them for a long time, they are so loud, that i can listen to them at 18 volume. Need to enable bass boost, and with a decent eq they sound really good

2) Sennheiser MX 60 Street II - Those rocks as well, great bass, but I need to listen at 23, without bass boost, they sound pretty cool as well.

Anyone has both earphones and can recommend me one of those?
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Since I don’t own either, simple logic would tell me … Can't your hearing tell you which you prefer best o_O If not, flip a coin or get the less expensive ones

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Usually the expensive ones, are the better ones.. But i personally would go for the Creative brand ones.
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Originally Posted by Pikachuy View Post
But i personally would go for the Creative brand ones.
Just FYI - Creative never made any phones, they just slap their logo on Chinese/Japanese OEM ware.
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Default My Experience

I used to have some Sony MDR-EX32 - pretty good with bass boosted. I have had 2 pairs of Etymotic ER6s, which are expensive but worth it if you can get them to fit and stay fitted. definitely need bass boost and EQ adjustment though

Now I have some Sennheiser CX300 IIs I got for 14 quid from, easily the best i've had with this player. Flat EQ with x-Fi crystaliser on and bass boost on. They come in a superb piece of packaging too.
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