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Originally Posted by grynchmeister View Post
Is it just me, or is the viewing angle when watching horizontal a pain?
It's not just you. I am not familiar with different types of LCD's, but the one they used in the S545 definitely looks best when viewed in the "portrait" (vertical) orientation. I've seen other LCD's that look good from any angle. This one does not look good when viewed horizontally from the left (or vertically from the top.) This is what I think is happening: When viewing the LCD horizontally, the colors vary greatly depending on the horizontal viewing angle. They vary so much that your left eye and your right eye are seeing almost different images (try closing each of your eyes seperately while watching a horizontal video and you'll see what I mean.) It hurts our collective brain. I don't remember if the S639 was like this or not, but to me this is one more strike against the S545.

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