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Default A method for gapless playback on Sony audio players

Originally Posted by jamesk View Post
When i use media manager or drag & drop files to my NWZ-S618, there is always a gap between tracks. I've got several live albums i want to transfer as well as pink floyd and tha gap in playing is driving me mad! Does anyone know if you can alter the settings to play tracks without a gap inbetween tracks?

Many thanks,
The one way I've come up with to play albums gaplessly on my Sony player is to rip the individual tracks as one track. Both iTunes and CDex can do this and will save the resulting track as a compressed file. I did this with Pink Floyd's album "Dark Side Of The Moon," ripping each album side as one track.

To do this with CDex, select all of the tracks and then click on the "Extract a section of CD to WAV or Compressed Audio File(s)," and then set the entire album as the range.

To do this with iTunes, select the tracks you want to rip as one track, select "Join CD Tracks" under "Advanced" on the menu bar, and then rip the tracks.

I hope this helps.
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